The MUDiA Project Collective Limited is an Education based organization and Social Enterprise.

A bit about us

“The MUDiA Project”, is an Education based organization and Social Enterprise. 

Over the next decade, a new generation will enter the workforce. A generation that has been shaped by lifelong mobile connectivity. They are coming of age in a global economy of mostly borderless markets and many young Africans are not aware.

We are bridging the gap.

We aspire to anticipate and understand the skills that young people around the world will need in order to be relevant in emerging economies and also, ultimately create future-ready learners and workers.

MUDiA Opportunities

It provides career-advancing opportunities for people from all over the world. Available on the Web, Google Play and Apple Store.


The MUDiA Hub is a Coworking Space. We provide affordable working spaces for freelancers, startups, and travelers. 

MUDiA Training

Our training programmes are designed to improve Novel Thinking, Social Intelligence, Judgment & Decision-making, Adaptability & Resilience, Initiative & Self-direction.


 updates on events and happenings within MUDiA and other important tech stuff.

Why you should use a coworking space

Why you should use a coworking space

What is Coworking? Coworking is the ideal option in contrast to working from home or at your own office. This kind of work environment offers numerous advantages and a situation loaded with hardworking and devoted experts over all ventures. The choice to work close by...

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